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Observation Option PROSE is an option that is available only to teachers in PROSE schools that have an approved ballot to exercise the option. Teachers in PROSE schools who elect to use observation option PROSE on their PROSE MOTP selection form as the process by which they will be observed and evaluated, will have the following performed throughout the year:

  • Minimum of two (2) informal classroom observations lasting a minimum of 15 minutes each; and
  • A Structured Review that includes a Mid-Year Check-In conference to discuss how the teacher is progressing with the implementation of the SRP.

Teachers selecting observation option PROSE shall participate in a Structured Review Plan (SRP) that allows them to select and focus on a specific area of their teaching with a defined purpose in mind. For example, teachers might seek to:

  • attain greater mastery of a component of the NYC MOTP Rubric
  • refine strategies for a subgroup of students with a common challenge
  • deepen content knowledge
  • attain greater mastery of strategies that address areas of the curriculum.

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